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Mobile friendly HsRetroGames is an independent developer of Retro Style Games, Mini Games and Escape Games for PC, Android and IOS (coming soon). Browse the latest and featured games below. Thanks for stopping by!

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January 2nd, 2017: Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Let me start this year off by saying this bit of a 'Heads-Up' news post. By February 1st, quite a few of my apps will be removed from the App stores. This includes: Photo Escape, Escape The Grave: Buried Alive, Wood Room Escape, Random Doors and All Comix Escape games. Why you ask? Well, a lot of these were very hastily done and also not really conforming to my original 'Retro' oriented style - Hence, HsRetroGames. So, if you like any of the games above, install and keep them because after the first of next month they will be gone forever. These following games will stay and will be updated and/or completely re-formatted: Boulder Bomber, Flappy Rubber Chicken, Thunder Cloud: The Game, Kaboom! and Rocket Boot Santa Turbo. Wood Room Escape and Random Doors will return re-formatted later down the road. This allows me to start off some-what clean with a new slate, sticking to more pixel-retro style games HsRetroGames was originally intended for. No worries though, I've got several new games in development now, three of which are new frameworks of the Escape Game genre. Not to mention, I will have tons more retro remakes and original arcade mini games on the way. Thank you for reading my babble and stopping by - Come Back Soon! :)

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Comix Escape now has it's own official page! Get all the Comix Escape you could ever want!    :: Check It Out! ::



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Comix Escape: Halloween

Game ten in the Comix Escape series. Special Halloween 2016 Issue 'The Scorpion Curse! In this issue, A talking Halloween decoration has plans for you. Do you help him escape his fate or do you destroy him. The choice is yours.


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Thunder Cloud: The Game

Game #2 in my re-vamp series for mobile - Remakes from past PC releases previously for H+Soft Arcade. Mother nature can be cruel can't it? Especially when your in control of your own thunder cloud! Take control of your own thunder cloud and strike stuff with lightening!



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Wood Room Escape

Compelled to enter an old wooden loft by the restless ghost of a little girl. Not only must you escape this room, but you must unveil it's dark secret and help the poor spirit rest. Wood Room Escape is a casual room escape game, tap to find items and clues to escape the room.



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Kaboom! Classic

Play a tribute to Activision's timeless Atari classic Kaboom! Catch the bombs dropped by the mad bomber. This game is absolutely free, no ads, no purchases or monetary gain of any kind. Just a remake of a great classic!



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